Uncle Cal’s Career Advice to Developers



Cal Evans has been a developer for more than 30 years. He is not a digital native, he is a digital pioneer who helped settle the wild west of the World Wide Web.

“Uncle Cal’s Career Advice for Developers” is the text behind his keynote talk at php [tek] 2016 of the same title. It is a short read in which he gives developers five pieces of advice to ponder when thinking about their career.

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“As usual, Cal knocked it out of the park. His career experiences uniquely qualify him to give this kind of talk, and his passion and charisma shines through.”
– Steve Grunwell

“Flawless. Fantastic advice throughout, entertaining and passionate delivery. There’s a reason Cal does keynotes at like every conference – awesome stuff. 10/10 “would silently judge again” :)”
– James Titcomb


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